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Bedroom Lamp at Woodland Park, Greensboro, NC
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Home Decor Ideas for Your Living Room at Woodland Park Apartments

One of the most important rooms in your apartment is the living room. Therefore, when you are living in our apartments in Greensboro, you have to find out some of the home decor ideas that you can use for your living room. You have to make sure that you are selecting something that is trendy and not…

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The Simple Guide to Sanitizing Your Apartment

Living in an apartment in Greensboro is typically a great experience. Sometimes, we have to face unexpected challenges, and right now, that challenge is COVID-19. Everyone is experiencing the pandemic in their own way, so we want to take a minute and talk about CDC-approved tips for sanitizing your apartment. These tips can help you directly combat…

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5 Unexpected Ways to Use Olive Oil

While our Woodland Park community members in Greensboro, NC certainly may have enjoyed extra-virgin olive oil drizzled over salads or pasta, when sautéing delicious vegetables, or as a crucial ingredient in homemade marinades for meat, fish, or poultry, we would like to offer up 5 other unexpected ways to use olive oil – besides cooking. 5 Uses…

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