Get Rid of Those White Walls! (No Paint Necessary)

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Whether you've just moved into your Woodland Park apartment or you're going on your third year, wall decorations are key to making a place feel more like home. Wall decorations bring warmth and personality to a room and can drastically alter the mood of a space. But doing that without spending a ton of money can be difficult, and the most common method of decorating, which is painting, can be a whole other kind of struggle. The good news is that there are alternatives that are cheap, easy and transformative! So nix the white walls and welcome in a new look with one (or more) of the following methods:

3 Great Ways to Decorate Your White Walls

  1. Removable Wall Graphics. Removable wall graphics use a basic peel-and-stick process that makes them ideal for rental situations. Plus, thanks to companies like Blik, the sky really is the limit when it comes to your options for these wall graphics. Whether your tastes run contemporary or abstract, cowboys or alien life forms, there's sure to be a graphic perfect for you. These wall graphics typically last about a year or two after which they lose their stickiness and will peel off without leaving a residue (you can also remove them earlier). This built-in timeline makes them another outstanding win for renters who are likely to move after their lease and want decorating options that are easy and stress-free.
  2. Removable Wallpaper. Where graphics tend to be small or medium and add a specific image to a space, wallpaper tends to be more pattern-oriented. With this type of wall decoration, you want to cover your whole room or a specific wall with a pattern that pops out and works with your furnishings. For example, this Forever Palms Removable Wallpaper would be ideal for brightening up a bathroom.
  3. Wall Tapestries. Wall tapestries rose to prominence during the Middle Ages because they were a beautiful way to line drafty halls and rooms during icy winters. Their popularity largely fell as the popularity of indoor paint and home heating and cooling equipment rose. But today, they're making a comeback, and buyers can go to any specialty website and find thousands of designs to choose from. These large and beautiful pieces of fabric are easy to hang up and instantly add a touch of color and style to any space. 

Need Help? We're Here!

Here at Woodland Park, our team wants to make you feel right at home. So go on and share any concerns or questions you might have about wall decorations with our front office, but don't be afraid to make your home your own with the above suggestions!

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