10 Clever Ways to Make the Most of Your Space

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Whether you have ample space to spread out or your apartment is quaint and cozy, making the most of every inch helps maintain peace and order at home. We hope these apartment-friendly hacks help you save time, save space, and stay organized. 

Look up

Consider using vertical space to your advantage. Is there open space above your cupboards where you could place a decorative basket or two for items you don't use as often (but still need)? Do you have high cabinets that sit empty because they aren't as easily accessible as you'd like? Use them for items that you need but use infrequently, like a popcorn popper or even winter sweaters during warmer months.

Look down

Under-bed storage is a great solution for off-season wardrobe items, shoes, scarves, and even extra blankets and linens. Inexpensive containers designed to slide easily under your bed provide perfect, out-of-sight storage. 

Be creative

Over-the-door shoe organizers make awesome laundry and bathroom storage solutions. In the bathroom, store lotion, face wash, hair brush, nail clippers, makeup, deodorant, cotton swabs, and more in an over-the-door shoe organizer visible only from the inside. In the laundry room, use a shoe organizer for detergent, dryer sheets, spare change, socks without mates, and dryer balls. 

Buy smart

Before buying new items ask yourself, "Will I use this? How often? Where will I store it when I'm not using it?" Choose items that can be broken down and put away when not in use — like your ironing board or treadmill — and items that store easily without cluttering your home, like stackable food containers, cups, and bowls. 

Choose double duty

When choosing your furniture, go for pieces that are both visually appealing and functional. Platform beds with built-in storage and hall tables with cubbies or drawers are great examples of ways to decorate while providing a concealed place for things that tend to collect at home, like junk mail, mementos, and kids' artwork.

To apply these clever hacks in an apartment that speaks to you, schedule a tour at Woodlands Park, our apartments in Greensboro, NC today. We can't wait to welcome you home.

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