How to Help Make Your Move Easier for Your Cat

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Cats are creatures of habit and aren't natural explorers like dogs. When you move, they aren't happy to just be following their pack. They can get stressed out and quite grumpy. Here's what you can do to help make things go more smoothly.

Carrier Train Your Cat

If you haven't already, get your cat used to being in a carrier now. If you have to fight to get your cat in for a trip to a vet, think about how much worse it will be when your cat is already stressed out. Leave the carrier out and let your cat get used to going in it. Use treats as bribes if necessary.

Share Your Boxes

You need boxes to move, and cats like boxes. Let your cat have a few. Instead of only getting stressed out as you pack everything up, your cat will have a new distraction and see that not all boxes are bad.

Don't Mess Up Feeding Time

Don't let your cat feel neglected by disrupting its routine. Give it food and attention as close to how you normally would if possible.

Give Your Cats a Safe Space on Moving Day

There's no getting around the fact that the day of your move will be stressful, but you have to get through it. Empty out a bathroom or large closet first; then move your cats in there with their carriers. The carrier gives them a place to hide from all the noise and will make it easier for you to collect them when it's time to go.

At your new place, unpack as much as possible before your cats arrive. The familiar sights and smells will help them adjust faster. However, your cats will still be nervous about being in unfamiliar territory. First, place their carrier in a small room with the room door closed. Open the carrier, but let your cats come out to explore at their own pace. Let them get comfortable before you open the room and expose them to even more unfamiliar territory.

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