Tricks to Get Your Dog to Take His Medicine

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Whether your pet is chronically sick or just going through a short-term situation, medications are often necessary to make sure he's as happy and healthy as possible. Unfortunately, as many of the residents of our Greensboro, NC, apartments know, pets can quickly become savvy to the tricks their humans use when they want to give them a dose of medicine. With this in mind, we've done some digging and come up with few tricks you might want to try if Fido's due for his pills.

1. Gelatin Capsules

Dog medicine, like a lot of human medicine, has a bitter flavor and nasty texture that no living being wants on its tongue. Thankfully, there are ways around this. You can purchase gelatin capsules that don't have any flavor at all. Simply open the capsules, insert your dog's nasty-tasting medicine, and combine the halves back together. This pill-in-a-pill approach enables you to keep the medication in its original format without altering the tablets in ways that could otherwise reduce their effectiveness.

2. Peanut Butter

Dogs love peanut butter. The trick is to make sure the pill is completely hidden (both out of sight and smell). Spoon a dollop of salt-free peanut butter into your palm, roll it into a ball and stick the pill in the middle. If smooth peanut butter has lost its luster, try a crunchy version, which will help hide the hard pill.

3. Plain Yogurt

Yogurt probably isn't on your dog's daily diet, but you'd be surprised by how many canines love the taste. Opt for thick yogurt that can help conceal the medicine you're trying to hide inside.

4. Marshmallows

That's right! You don't need chocolate and a campfire for marshmallows to do good work in the world. If your dog's figured out all of your other tricks, try cutting a marshmallow in half and stuffing the pill inside the fluffy pillow. Squish the other half back on and squeeze the two parts back into one again.

5. Hot Dog Pieces

Hot dog pieces are easy hidey-hole for pet medications. Dogs think they're getting treats for being good, while you get the medication they need right into their bellies.

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