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Cleaning with SpongeCleaning is a task many love to avoid. But, this only leads to a messier situation that can be overwhelming when they decide to do it. This is true for those living in an apartment where nobody is holding them accountable. But a clean apartment is key to relieving and preventing unnecessary stress and living a healthy life. If you’re living at an apartment in Greensboro, here are smart cleaning tips to make your indoor spaces hygienic and inviting.

Clean as You Go

This tip isn’t for the cleaning day but plays a critical role in ensuring that it’s hassle-free. Make it a routine to ‘’clean as you.’’ For example, clean spoons, cooking pans, or other cooking equipment after using them. Also, quickly vacuum your living room carpet and wipe down surfaces you’ve used, including kitchen counter and bathroom sinks. Completing these quick tasks every day of the week will prevent them from piling up in one cleaning day.
Clean greasy surfaces with a baking soda, lemon, vinegar and dish soap solution
Greasy surfaces are inevitable in your apartment as you’re always cooking in it. When left unattended, greasy surfaces can cause falls, which can lead to bad injuries. They can also attract harmful insects and bacteria into your apartment. A solution of baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap can rid your surfaces and appliances of grease, leaving them clean and shiny.

Use Non-Electric Vacuum Cleaners

Non-electric vacuum cleaners suck up dust and debris from your carpets and floors. The good thing about non-electric vacuum cleaners is that they don’t use electricity. So, they won’t drive up your energy bills. Also, they don’t make a noise like electric vacuums. Buy yourself a non-electric vacuum cleaner for your apartment today for quickly vacuuming tasks.

Use a Homemade Glass Cleaner

A combination of ¼ a cup of rubbing iron, ½ a cup of white vinegar, and 2 cups clean of clean water is a powerful window cleaning agent. Transfer the solution into an empty spray bottle, shake it a bit and store it. On your window cleaning day, spray the solution on to your glass window and clean with a microfiber cloth.

Regular cleaning of your apartment in Woodland Park is essential for not only keeping it tidy, but also keeping you healthy and fit and keeping dangerous diseases related to inadequate domestic hygiene, such as skin infections, diarrhea, and hookworm infection, at bay. Give us a call to learn more about our floor plans and availability.

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