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4 Holiday Decorating Tips

Decorating your Greensboro, NC apartment for the holidays is the perfect way to get yourself in the holiday spirit and help your guests feel festive. Luckily, with a few simple decorating tips, you can transform your apartment for the season without breaking your budget.  Holiday Decorating Tips Add Some Sparkle to Your Home Metallic decor can be the perfect choice…

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Get Rid of Those White Walls! (No Paint Necessary)

Whether you've just moved into your Woodland Park apartment or you're going on your third year, wall decorations are key to making a place feel more like home. Wall decorations bring warmth and personality to a room and can drastically alter the mood of a space. But doing that without spending a ton of money can be difficult, and…

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Decor Trends to Try in 2018

Reading about the latest trends in d├ęcor can tempt the most restrained decorators among us to buy into choices that later make us wonder what on earth we were thinking. But, how do we prevent ourselves from what we might as well call impulse decorating? Most of us have been there—filling our living spaces with some new…

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